Frequently Asked Questions

We're here 7 days a week to answer any questions and hear how we can make the service better for you and your kids. You can message us at and we'll respond within 24 hours.

What is your screening process for songs?

Each song on Fruit Punch Music passes a multipoint approval process that ensures children will never hear anything inappropriate. Not just a simple word filter, all music is pre-screened for language and content.

For additional control, you can easily block specific stations and set daily time listening limits to encourage responsible listening. All parent controls are secured from child access with a special password lock.

What information does Fruit Punch Music collect?

We respect your family's privacy. Fruit Punch Music collects a limited amount of information about how your family uses the service. For detailed information, please read our Privacy Policy.

I don't want my child to have access to certain stations. Can I turn stations off?

Yes, absolutely! You can change this from the settings page. Tap the gear icon on the bottom right corner of the station list and enter the parent code. Select "Station Filters" which will allow you to turn on/off any station on Fruit Punch Music.

Is there a way to enforce time listening limits?

Yes, of course! You can change this from settings page. Tap the gear icon on the bottom right corner of the station list and enter the parent code. Select "Time Limit" which will allow you to set the amount of time your child can spend on Fruit Punch Music. The time limit for the day can also be reset from here as well.

I signed up for a subscription. Can I use the app on multiple devices?

Yes! You can access your subscription from any iOS device by creating a Fruit Punch Music account. On the station list, tap the gear icon in the lower right hand corner. Prove you’re an adult, then tap ‘Create Account’.

Enter a username and password for your account. Now you can login to this account on any device to have full access to your subscription! Be aware that you can only play music from one device at any time.

How do I change my credit card or billing information?

If you purchased your subscription through the Apple App Store, simply change your payment information with Apple and your subscription will be charged with your new account information.

How do I cancel my Fruit Punch Music subscription?

To cancel your subscription purchased through the app, follow the instructions here:

Can I listen to the same song over and over? Can my child pick the songs they want to listen to?

Fruit Punch Music is a non on-demand streaming music service, very similar to that of music heard on the radio. Due to licensing restrictions, individual songs cannot be chosen on-demand by the listener. Also, these songs cannot be repeated. Instead, songs are curated into playlists and played at random.